Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Here is a collection of poems that I have written:

 I will continue adding to this so check for new poems

Amber eyes glint in the black curtin of the night,  smoke coloured,wiry fur hangs lank on the powerful frame, all senses alert and ready, always on guard, always ready to prowl,to run, to strike, to hunt. Always wating, always ready... The Wolf.

Waiting in the shadows 

Coat  black as a starless night

Ready for ambush

.... The Panther  

Gliding, dancing, spinning 
swiftly soaring with friends 
laughter rings through the air
brisk mornings spent flying 
from your worries and fears
twisting, turning, training, playing 
performing, practicing, prancing, giggling
glittering in snow, glancing around the white world
wondering how every thing can be so beautiful quiet and
pristine, in a blanket of diamonds and powder wishing you
could stay for hour after hour but all to soon it becomes dark
and with heavy feet you head back to your home but your 
heart and mind are on the rink, as you drink your hot  coco 
you think of all you did that day  in the  beautiful sun 
F.                                                                                      D.
L.                                                                                      A.
Y.                                                                                      Z.
I.                                                                                          E.
N. on two silver blades, with your mind in a dream-like

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