Saturday, 6 October 2012

Book Inspired Art

I love drawing and I often find that I love to draw characters and scenes taken from my favourite books. Sometimes my drawings are purely from imagination, sometimes they are based off a scene from a movie inspired by a book or sometimes I try to recreate some of the books art. I hope the drawings in this little gallery inspire you!

Title: Katniss is a victor
Type: Sketch
Litspiration: Movie/Imagination
(If you can't read the writing it says "The girl on fire.")

Title: Ravenpaw as a Thunderclan apprentice
Type: Sketch 
Litspiration: Inspired by art from "Warriors: Code of the Clans"

Title: Me
Type: Sketch
Litspiration: Manga heads from Scott Westerfeld's Extras 
(This is actually a sketch of me not a character but it is inspired by people from a book)

( I know it is bad but it is my first attempt at manga)

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