Monday, 22 October 2012

Extras Book Review

In the thrilling end to the Uglies series, Aya Fuse desperately tries to get noticed as being famous rules in the Cultural Revolution set three hundred years in the future. Searching for an unexpected story leads her to secrets that are more than she bargained for. The information Aya is about to share could transform her into an overnight celebrity, but some secrets are meant to be kept. Broadcasting the news may affect her fate and that of the transforming world she lives in. When the story sweeps across the city, Aya realizes the situation may be even worse than she ever imagined… or it could be an idea that finally saves the damaged planet.

“Run and Hide. We’re on our way.” This quote is sudden and intense like the book.  The plot is weaved with suspense that will have you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. One of the strong parts of this book is that the characters are richly developed and each has an important role in helping the reader discover who the extras really are. Another reason to love the characterization of this book is that elements of each character work to make the plot even more interesting. For example, one of the characters cannot tell a lie.  This causes Aya Fuse to delve into even deeper trouble and fall into the hands of the extras. The setting of this book is also an intricate part of the story that enhances interest. Although the book is set in the future, there are inventive connections to the world we live in today such our present day cities being referred to as ruins. The language used to describe the various scenes in the book painted a picture in my head, which helped me become absorbed in the richly imaginative world of Extras. The author, Scott Westerfeld, writes with intense description as he relates to the environment, tough decisions, listening to your heart, your head and your values. I think that there are many themes to this novel but the one that I found most important is the idea that things are not always what they seem whether it is the meaning of the word extras or fame. I absolutely loved this book and I would recommend it to anyone who loves science fiction and dreams of being famous.


  1. I really like your review! The only thing is the part about Frizz is a bit of a spoiler!!! And if you want, you could talk about why Scott Westerfeld chose to make those decisions. Great job!

    1. I understand what you mean about Frizz but I was trying to back up what I was saying with some detail. Also what do you mean by why Scott Westerfeld chose to make these decisions.

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