Sunday, 11 November 2012

Harry Potter Plasticine Figures

I decided to make some harry potter figurines from some plasticine that I received. Each figure is a different element from the book (chosen at random) and consist of various colours of plasticine, wire, a wire hook attached to a toothpick and beads to keep the plasticine model from falling off the end of the hook. Please leave comments if you would like to see a more in-depth video of how I made them.

The figures a chose to make are a dragon, a pygmy puff, a wand, the sorting hat, a Hogwarts letter, a broomstick and an owl.


  1. That is so cool! I can totally recognize them all. :D

  2. This is awesomely ninjaa! (yes, two a's to everyone who doesn't know) The pigmypuff is my favorite.