Thursday, 24 January 2013

100 Cupboards Book Review Based on a Peer's Review

After reading the book 100 Cupboards I decided to write a collaborative review and compare the opinions of my peer to my opinions on the book.

Here is my peers review of the book:

The One Hundred Cupboards is the start of a three-part trilogy. The story begins with twelve year old
 Henry York finding out that his parents have been kidnaped having no one to stay with he rides 
to the town of Kanses were he lives with his uncle. One night while he was lying in bed he sees
 a small crack in the wall. From here he breaks away the wall with his pocketknife behind the wall 
there are 99 cupboards all different sizes and shapes. Some of the cupboards have amazing woodwork 
on them and some have very intricate knobs. Henry must explore all of the cupboards to discover
 their secrets.

The One Hundred Cupboards is an amazing story. In it I find that this book does a really good
 job at pulling the reader into the book with a compelling plot. I really appreciate how the characters
 in the book have real life problems throughout the book making them easy to relate to. The book
 also contains many good writing strategies like foreshadowing and a good use of buildup towards
 the climax. All of these factors make The One Hundred Cupboards a very good read. But there
 are some minor flaws in the book that take away from the read, one small thing that I was let down
 about was the characters names. They were some of the most boring names that I think an author could 
think of. Also at the begging of the book when the author was setting the story I found that the narration
 jumped really quickly from one thing to another. But overall I really enjoyed my time with the book
 and I recommend reading it. 

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