Thursday, 17 January 2013

Litspiration Challenge 2

Here is my second litspiration challenge. I was litspired by a book I recently read called the Last Dogs; The Vanishing. So I decided to create a movie trailer about the book.

Here is a brief summary of the book to help you understand my trailer:

The Last Dogs; The Vanishing is a story about faith, loyalty, trust and the spirit within every dog. Max wakes up one day and find himself abandoned in a cage all alone... or is he? All the humans have mysteriously disappeared leaving all of their dogs to fend for themselves. Determined to find his people, Max sets of on a journey following the trail of a mysterious black dog named Madam. Along the way he is joined by two brave friends named Rocky and Gizmo. Max discoveries that when faced with danger he, is a true pack leader.

Here is my trailer:

Please Note: I apologize for any leashes, human feet etc. you may see in this video I know it ruins the effect of the people being missing but we wanted to make sure the dogs were safe.

Here is some more information about my movie trailer:


Max: Sable
Rocky: Pearl
Gizmo: Molly
Madame: Sadie

This trailer was made on the iMovie app on my iPad and it took around three hours to film.

I chose to create this trailer because...

I love dogs and books! Creating this trailer gave me an opportunity to combine my passions for, photography/ film, literature and dogs into one exciting project. I chose to create a trailer because I explored some of the elements of film in my elective last term and I was excited to try a new project. So in all this project was a way fro me to explore many of my different passions in a fun and exciting way.

Here is what the cover of the book looks like:
(The Golden Retriever is Max, the Dachshund is Rocky and the Yorkshire Terrier is Gizmo)

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