Monday, 15 April 2013

My Thoughts on the Novel so Far: Youth 0-6

The first five chapters of The House of the Scorpion were about the main character’s (Matt) youth. He was grown inside a lab and raised by a servant named Celia. She kept him isolated from everyone else and he had no clue why. When he saw kids in the field he jumped out the window in order to meet them. They took him to their house to clean his wounds. However they soon figured out he is a clone, who is despised by society. He is taken prisoner within the big house (which I infer is The House of the Scorpion) and treated awfully until the lord of the country found out. Luckily Matt happens to be his clone and is released. Sadly the trauma of being hated ensures that he will never be the same again.  
The first five chapters of the novel were definitely interesting. One thing that was intriguing was the perspective of the story, as I have never read a book containing such deep and serious subject matter in the perspective of a six year old. The setting of this book was also very unique. The story began in a lab where they were mistreating animals and sacrificing their well being for the purpose of science. From this I instantly inferred that the story took place in a society that had a lot of scientific advancements but completely disregarded nature in order to create these advancements. The setting then moves to fields full of white poppies, which makes me wonder what happened to them to make them white. Were they a scientific experiment, introduced species that took over the whole landscape or was there a chemical released into the air that made them white? Throughout the novel a lot more questions came to my mind. An example of this is when the children take him to their house and are friendly towards him however, when they see the tattoo on Matt’s foot saying he belongs to their estate and realize he is a clone they instantly turn on him and are disgusted by him. This reaction made me wonder why clones are created if society hates them so much. I also wondered what caused society to dislike them. I inferred that they may, have been created for use as workers. However in the beginning of the novel it said that they inject some clones with a needle to take away their intelligence. To me that seemed odd if they were supposed to be workers wouldn’t it be more productive to have an obedient worker instead of a dumb one?

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