Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Individual Post on Film Study

For this individual post I will be comparing the protagonist from the novel The House of the Scorpion (Matt) and the film Gattaca (Vincent).

I was surprised by the amount of similarities I discovered between the two characters. The strongest connection I made between Matt and Vincent was that they were looked down upon by society and no matter how many times they showed they could do just as much as anyone else they were not treated equally. Throughout the novel The House of the Scorpion Matt proves through his lessons that he is incredibly smart yet he is never sent to school because, the other children would criticize him. In Gattaca Vincent trains very hard to be accepted into Gattaca however he never is because he did not have perfect genes. Another similarity between the two characters that I found was that they both had a defining force in their lives that helped them feel like they could be a part of society. For Vincent the defining force was an event, when he saved his brother from drowning it helped him realize he could be just as strong as a valid. For Matt the defining force was Tam Lin. Tam Lin actually treated Matt like a real person, which greatly helped him develop as a character and learn lessons that would be important later on in the novel such as how to climb rocks. Tam Lin also did not have any special ways of treating Matt and expected him to act like and person and not an animal. (“A human doesn’t run and hide, in dark places because he’s something more. (Farmer 138) One other similarity I identified was that the female leads looked past others opinions of the characters and loved them for who they were not what society thought. Finally another similarity that I discovered between the two characters was that they found a passion that helped them overcome the grasp of discrimination around them. For Matt this passion was music as it set him apart from El Patrons other clones and was a talent that made him feel unique. For Vincent the passion was space and his dream to be there helped him fight against genoisim. The main difference I noticed between the two characters was that Vincent's dream helped him have the bravery to break the law and go against what society was telling him. For Matt it was encouragement from other characters that supported him such as Maria and Tam Lin and the need to for him to leave Opium and the way he was discriminated there. 

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