Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Individual Post on the Narrative Structure of The House of the Scorpion

Here is my individaul post I created regarding the narrative structure within the novel The House of the Scorpion.

   I think The House of the Scorpion followed a typical narrative structure that you would find in most novels. The book consisted mainly of rising action with very little detail during the falling action or resolution. One thing that I thought was unique about the structure of The House of the Scorpion was how the end of the book changed so drastically from the rest of the novel. I thought it was very risky of Nancy Farmer to do so as it may leave readers confused or  disappointed by why all the characters changed, however I thought she pulled it off by introducing interesting new characters and letting the reader see a different side of Matt where he is viewed as human by everyone. She did a good job tying both of Matt’s lives together.  This was also an interesting choice because she had to introduce Matt’s second life and in order to do so she had to write another mini exposition about the situation he was in. Creating a very unique structure to the novel. If there was one thing I could have changed about the narrative structure of The House of the Scorpion I would have created a longer resolution/falling action as Nancy Farmer left me with a lot of questions and the ending itself seemed very abrupt and everything took place much to quickly. I would have liked to have more detail about Tam Lin’s motives and how the survivors felt about the event that occurred. (“Sometimes Mr. Ortega would burst in with an opinion.” Farmer 273). I often found myself wondering what his or anyone else’s opinion was. I think the main mini climax occurred when El Patron had the heart attack at the wedding and Matt realized his true purpose. I think the actual climax of the novel occurred when the keepers found the orphans and the convent. I think Farmer’s use of high points of tension or mini climaxes throughout the novel really drove the narrative forward an example of one of these was when Matt was taken away from the hospital after he was cleared for transplant (“The bodyguards, keeping a tight hold on Matt’s arms, led him down the hall,” Farmer 231).  Without this tension and suspense the rising action and exposition would seem to detailed causing readers to lose interest in the novel.  

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