Monday, 13 May 2013

Individual Post on Real World Connections to The House of the Scorpion

Here is my individual post on a real world connection I made to the novel The House of the Scorpion.

   The real world connection that was the strongest for me from the The House of the Scorpion was comparing the situation the orphans in Aztlan were facing to that of children working in factories. I made this connection throughout Matt’s trip in Aztlan because in both situations youth were being taken advantage of by adults and were being treated horribly. Looking further into the horrors of child labor, here are some more connections I was able to make. I discovered that 73 million children working in factories are under ten years old. This fact made me connect with Fidelito since he was eight and is expected to do as much work as the older kids in order to have  enough food to eat. I also learned that by definition child labor is a child participating in work that is harmful for them physically or mentally this made me connect how the children in Aztlan are forced to do what the keepers tell them to do or else they will be beaten which harmed them physically. I also discovered that 4 out of 5 children working in factories are working without pay. In Atzlan the children worked only for food and for the "good of the people." I think Farmer used Matt’s situation in The House of the Scorpion as a way to spread knowledge about issues in our world by using events occurring today and when she wrote the novel in 2002. Allowing readers to form a deeper connection with characters in the novel and connect more with what is occurring in the novel. I think Farmer chose powerful subject matter such as child labor and drugs to impact the reader and keep them thinking about the book even after they have read it. After I read about the orphanage it really struck me how wrong the situation was. That is why I chose to write about it and the connections I made to it during my research. This made me connect to the phrase YOU ARE THE CHANGE.

information from: "Facts about child labour." Unicef: New Zeland. UNICEF, Web. May 2013

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