Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Individual Post on the Setting of The House of the Scorpion

Here is my individual post regarding the setting of the house of the scorpion.

      I found the setting of The House of the Scorpion to be very intriguing and I thought the amount of detail Farmer described various places in really enhanced the novel (“The scene on the other side was completely unexpected. Creosote bushes and paloverde trees framed a small, narrow valley, and in the center of this was a pool of water. At the far end, Matt saw shoals of little brown fish that darted away from his shadow.” Farmer 79). Is a great example of the many descriptive passages throughout the novel. The setting drives the narrative because it flows well between the scenes and leaves people guessing, as throughout the beginning of the book the setting seems somewhat random, however as you read more you discover there are interesting and unexpected connections between the various places mentioned in The House of the Scorpion. an example of this is you discover that the big house is not modern because El Patron wants to keep it like his old village, Durango, and the reason Celia ended up working for him was because she was from there as well.  Another connection is the oasis and how Matt thinks it is his secret but it also used to be where El Patron's first house was. The different pieces of the setting are also important to the narrative regarding what you are supposed to believe and what is really happening. For example you look at the beauty of El Patrons house and how happy Matt is living with Celia but you then discover the dead eejit in the field and the farm patrol and you realize  the country of Opium is not what it seems. I had quite a few recurring questions about the setting throughout the book so far. One of the major ones is why they choose for Opium to be the drug grown and turned into an empire. I also wondered why Farmer decided to set the novel close to Mexico and use Spanish as the second language throughout the novel. One observation about the setting of the book is that appears to be set not too far from the present. The reason I think this is that none of the technology mentioned seems ridiculously past the technology of today (For example eejits seem like something that is very futuristic but computer chips are already being used to control prosthetics) also they are still mentioning things from pop-culture today such as Frankenstein so clearly those things still exist leading me to believe the novel is not set tens of thousands years in the future.

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