Sunday, 5 May 2013

Individual Post on the Theme of The House of the Scorpion

   I think the main theme of The House of the Scorpion is that no matter what others think they cannot tell you your self worth. I believe this is the theme because throughout the novel Matt is told he is a beast and does not belong in this world. (“This does not belong here!” the priest thundered. Farmer 152). Matt is not the only character in this situation, throughout the novel people also try to manipulate Maria into changing however she stubbornly clung onto what she believed and throughout the book her fight for what is right only became harder as she and Matt discovered more secrets about Opium. Evidence of this is when he sees the eejit dead in the field and learns the truth about how opium is grown and harvested. I believe Tam Lin is put in a similar situation as throughout the novel he struggles with a weighty conscious and others may not tell him what he can and can’t do he was always under a moral struggle (“No, I’m talking about moral consequences.” Farmer 244). I also think the main theme develops throughout the book just as the protagonist and round characters do. For example when Matt goes to the orphanage he is thrilled to actually be treated like a human by everyone and even though he is there for a short time he developed a lot in those few chapters really illustrating the point that when the weight of being judged harshly from all sides is lifted it truly helped the characters change. Matt was not the only one that when through major changes in the last few chapters I think without constantly being judged by Mr. Alacran really helped her gain confidence and find out what she truly wanted.  I think a sub-theme of the novel is that even if you are hated by most some one will look past your imperfections and love you. I believe it is a sub-theme of the book because almost everyone at the estate hates or ignores him however he is truly loved by Celia, Maria and Tam Lin who help him face the cruelty of the life he was given and give him hope and guidance throughout the novel.

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