Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

I have started creating posts for Top Ten Tuesdays which is a reading meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

Stay tuned for my Top Ten Tuesday Posts.

Top Ten Favourite Book Covers (of books you've read)

1. The cover of The Sight

This is the book I am currently reading right now and after getting a recommendation for it on goodreads I had to buy it! There are several reasons I like this cover first of all it is pretty! I know, I know don't judge a book by its cover. #judgingbooksbytheircovers. Secondly it relates with the novel. Most covers in books today have intriguing graphics however they don't make sense as you read the novel. A good example of this is the cover for Cinder. It shows a leg wearing a red high heeled shoe and metal under the skin but throughout the book Cinder never wears red high heels nor does she have skin over her metal leg. For The Sight however the cover makes sense with the book. Finally I like how there is a synopsis about the book on the back of the novel that way I don't have to go through all the effort of opening the book to find the synopsis! I also like the way the text is laid out everything is clear and easy to read or find and the title is large and important looking but not over-powering.


2. The cover of Plain Kate 

When I saw this book in a book store I quickly grabbed it off the shelves because the cover interested me. The book sounded intriguing so I bought it and I was extremely happy to discover that the cover matched the novel. The main character never wears a blue scarf however she does go on the roof tops at one point during the novel and she has a cat. I also really like the font and colour of the title.

3. The cover of Insurgent 

I love the graphics of this cover I like the way the tree looks and I  thought the use of dark and light colours it really illustrates the mood of the book.


4. The cover of Prodigy 

I thought the contrast between blue and black on the cover made the book extremely eye-catching. I also really enjoy the graphics on the cover.


5. The cover of Tiger's Curse

I love the image of the tiger and how the corners of the cover are decorated. I also thought the font of the title made the cover more intriguing and eye-catching. 
6. The cover of Blood Red Road

The image on this cover is stunning and it really suits the mood of the book. Even when everything is bleak and all seems the lost the main character Saba remains determined.

7. The cover of The Hunger Games 

The colours and graphics are eye catching and relate to the book.


8. The cover of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

I love the art work on this cover and the whimsical feel to it.


9. The cover of Poison Study 

The mix between photography and graphics on this cover work well together.


10. The cover of Wonderstruck 

I love the silver lettering and striking image on this cover. The electric blue in the sky really makes the book pop.


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