Thursday, 29 August 2013

List Of My Summer Reads!

Hi everyone I decided to post a list of my favourite books I read over the summer and my reactions to them. Enjoy!

Legend: max. 5 stars

*=Normal star
*= Half star

1. Partials by Dan Wells

This was my favourite book I read over the summer. I will be posting a full review soon for now I will tell you it contained intriguing characters, surprising twists and a fascinating vision for the planet's future.

Star review: *****

2. Fragments by Dan Wells

This novel is the sequel to Partials. I found them quite different. Fragments was much more action packed but it contained less twists and less information about the dystopian future of our planet. If it wasn't for  a frustrating ending I would have liked this book as much as the first for different reasons.

Star review: ****

3. Ink by Amanda Sun

My favourite part of Ink was that I got to learn all about life in Japan. I liked how the characters were seemingly normal people in an abnormal situation but as you delve further into the book you discover that the people in Katie's (the main character) life aren't who they seem. At some points the character's made some frustrating choices which made me quite annoyed at some times. At one point in the book the action slowed down and bored me, but it picked back up and all in all I can't wait for the next book to come out.

Star review: ****

4. Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

This book was a perfect summer read because it had a relaxed pace but was not boring. I really enjoyed it and the characters faced meaningful real life issues. This novel evoked so much emotion in me it made me cry.

Star review: ****

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on my top four summer reads!

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