Saturday, 26 October 2013

Global Issues Novel Study: Post 1

We are starting a new assignment! We have to chose a novel about a global issue and reflect on it. I chose the novel The Dressmaker of Khair Khana after reading the first 45 pages here is a reflection on the content of the novel.

The Dressmaker of Khair Kahna addresses woman's rights and the decline of them in places under the Taliban's control.  The novel follows the story of a woman named Kamila Sidiqi who struggles with the harsh war and the iron grip of Taliban. When her father and brother are forced to leave she has to find a way to support her family. An abundance of characters have been introduced into the novel so far including Kamila's sisters Milika and Saaman her brother Najeeb and her mother and father. I predict there will be a lot more characters introduced further into the novel since, the synopsis of the book says Kamila has to support herself and five other sisters.  I chose this novel for my project because it seemed like an intriguing story and the fight for woman's rights is an issue I am personally passionate about. It pains me to think of how difficult life must be for woman in Afghanistan. I also chose this book because I wanted to become more educated  on the challenges they were facing and what I could do to help. Before I started reading this book I didn't have much knowledge on the issue. I knew the woman in these situations had to cover everything but their eyes and I knew they weren't allowed to leave the house without a male relative. As a delve further into the novel I realize I can't even fathom how difficult their lives must be. The one question I have constantly in my head after reading the first section of the novel is how is Kamila going to help her family when she is under so many strict rules. My inference to the answer of this question is that the Taliban will allow the woman to do basic jobs because the economy is failing and they will need to find a way to support it.

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