Friday, 7 March 2014

GINS Post: Word Art

For the next GINS post we were asked to choose a quote from our novel and create powerful word art to go along with it. The quote I chose from the Dress Maker of Khair Khana was "Brave young woman complete heroic acts everyday with no one bearing witness." While creating my art I put a lot of thought into each component of my visual to ensure it powerfully represented my quote and the global issues within my novel. First off I decided to do a picture of a woman in a Chadari holding onto light because I though that the dress showed that woman were forced to conceal themselves and had their voices taken away however despite the trials they faced many woman held on to hope and helped their families which is an silent but truly courageous act. The light in the picture represents th hope for the future that the woman held on to. The fact it is the only coloured thing in the whole picture emphasize its importance and that this hope lights up the darkness within the country. I drew the woman alone in an alleyway because the quote talks about no one bearing witness and the woman often find themselves alone. A dark cold alleyway is what I think of when the word alone come into my head. Onto the use of words in my picture. Firstly the word hope within the shadow on the bottom corner of my drawing is there to show that woman can find hope in obscure and unexpected places.  Finally the words in my actually quote are in a variety of fonts for two reasons firstly I wanted the words to stand out but not quite overtake the golden light so I decided not to use colour. I thought  I could still give them power by using fonts that I thought fit the word. For example the word brave is an a block letter as I wanted the word to be bold. Overall I am happy with the meaning in my visual. Here is a look at what I created:

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  1. This quotation is so, so powerful, Kirsten. Wonderful choice.