Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Touching Spirit Bear- Litspiration Challenge 1

Recently we have been reading the novel Touching Spirit Bear in class. The novel is about the youth justice system and the consequences that result from choices we make as people. The main character in the novel is a person named Cole who bullies a kid and has to face the justice system. Instead of going into normal justice he is put into circle justice which focuses on allowing the young offenders to change their ways and giving them a chance to make amends with their victim and the community. The circle decides to exile Cole to an island and face him with isolation so he learns that there is no power to his anger and so he can't hurt anyone else in the end this decision changed Cole's ways but I wonder what I would do if I was on the panel responsible for Cole and his sentencing.

In school I have started a unit on the Youth Justice Systems and the committees within it are similar to the circle Cole faced. In the novel we learned about his past and the fact his dad beat him and his mom was an alcoholic  Within the Youth Justice System they would take this into account when choosing what programs would fit Cole. If I was on the panel I would definitely choose a sanction that would help Cole open up about his family life and support him trough these challenges. I would also chose a program or a counselling that could help him manage the anger he feels towards the world to avoid further issues. Finally I would make Cole help his victim with re-habilitation so he could understand what his actions brought. I believe this are similar approaches to what the Youth Justice System would do as the goal of panels is to punish youth for crimes in a way that is meaningful  directed towards them and allows them to understand the impact of their actions and me re-imirsed into their community and society. I also think that detention time would be important so Cole wouldn't hurt anyone while he learns his lesson, this thought is supported by the fact that the real Youth Justice System would not even handle a case as serious as his and he would definitely have to be detained before he could begin to learn how to make better decisions. However I believe that if Cole only got detention that would further his anger and the fact have felt like no one cared about him so talking through it and getting help was important for Cole and other kids facing charges.  Overall I believe that restorative justice system both in the novel and in the real world is important to help kids grow and develop  into better people as represented through Touching Spirit Bear and the 90% success rate the restorative justice program in the real world has. 

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